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Product detail

This kind of pulp pump absorbs foreign advanced technology, combining with the characteristics of Chinese paper making process and continuous improvement. The pump adopts new hydraulic design and structural design, single-stage cantilever, full open impeller structure, with high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability and good generality, widely used in the pulp transportation.

Design features:

Full open wide circulation impeller, not easy to jam, higher concentration of starch; CFD computer flow field analysis is used to optimize the hydraulic design, high efficiency andlow energy consumption. Single-stage single-suction rear door structure, low vibration and maintenance long life diaphragm coupling with middle section, the pump rotor parts can be removed without removing the coupling flange and motor, and the maintenance is convenient. The axial rigidity is stronger than HCK type pump. The impeller adopts precision casting and NC machining, and the dynamic balance test is conducted according to G2.5 level, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the pump group.

Bearing box adopts large angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, able to withstand greater than conventional design of the rotor redial force and axial force, and makes the two bearing mounting holes is processed in a clamping, ensure that the two coaxial precision bearing, can significantly improve the bearing replacement cycle, reduce the maintenance cost.  

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